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  Poland - the land of many colours 27.7.2017     Winter break in Lviv 12.7.2017     The Berlin rooftop beach 6.7.2017     What should you see In Finland? 28.6.2017     Prypec – the Ghost Town 21.6.2017     Potsdam attractions 14.6.2017     Swedish holidays 7.6.2017     What to visit in Vienna 31.5.2017     Finnish Cuisine 25.5.2017     Funny facts about Helsinki 17.5.2017     Holidays in Croatia 11.5.2017     The Great Britain - the land of castles and palaces 2.5.2017     Archipelago National Park – the world’s most beautiful archipelago (Finland) 26.4.2017     Portugal covered with Azulejos 18.4.2017     Five interesting museums for children 12.4.2017     Undiscovered Czech Republic 5.4.2017     In the footprints of Gaudi in Barcelona 29.3.2017     Nature of Austria 23.3.2017     Santiago de Compostela - the most popular pilgrim route of Europe 15.3.2017     Culinary Tourism in Emilia-Romagna, Italy 8.3.2017     Wine routes in Serbia 1.3.2017     Wooden Tserkvas of the Carpathian Region in Poland and Ukraine 23.2.2017     Caves - natural wonders of Europe 15.2.2017     Lithuania - magnificent nature of National Parks 8.2.2017     Bavaria - the wonderful land of natural and cultural sites 25.1.2017     Incredible natural site of Danube Delta - Romania 18.1.2017     Auschwitz Birkenau German Nazi Concentration and Extermination Camp (1940-1945) 11.1.2017     Attractions of Swedish Lapland - Northern Sweden 3.1.2017     The Eastern Slovakia 29.12.2016     The Loire Valley (between Sully-Sur-Loire and Chalonnes) 11.10.2016   The Loire Valley with a capital in Tours is an outstanding region, where history is still present In historical monuments, architectural landscapes and the atmosphere.   The newest sites on Unesco's list 11.10.2016   Some of the oldest examples of Megalithic structure and architectural works of European prehistory are situated in southern Spain. There are located three megalithic tombs and two natural monuments.   Romania's Carpathian Mountains 11.10.2016   A mountain range in Central Europe encompasses territories of 8 countries: Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovak, Hungary, Ukraine, Romania and Serbia.   Christmas fairs of Europe 11.10.2016   Christmas markets are popular in almost every bigger city of Europe. They gather great number of regional sellers and craftsmen, who share their products with people who appreciate hand-made works and local food specialities.