Archipelago National Park – the world’s most beautiful archipelago (Finland)


Countless number of islands and islets making up one of the most fascinating archipelago in the world is protected by the Archipelago National Park in Finland. Islands are lavishly covered by thick forests or they stay lonely in rocky cover. They differ in size, landscape and shape. Some of them are wild and inaccessible, others are dotted with rustic pastures and picturesque villages.
All, who got intrigued by this magic and fascinating landscape, are welcome to discover it. There are many ways of exploring the archipelago. Tourists can use scheduled ferry services all year around.
Although, this National Park mainly consists of waters, you can still enjoy your holiday during many activities. One of the most popular one is canoeing. Thanks to this activity, you will be able to explore fantastic vast water areas in silence admiring the beauty of passing landscape. The other great activity is sailing. This adventure can be longer. It can lasts even a couple of days. Some islands offers camping facilities. Fishing, birdwatching, hiking, cycling, snorkeling are also available. The Park's flora and fauna is abundant. 25 species of mammal including mooses, seals, Gulls, arctic terns, eiders, razorbills and black guillemots.
Berghamn island, Jungfruskär island and Örö island offer unique natural and cultural landscap. On the Örö island visitors can see old fortress structures. It offers marked hiking trails and an exhibition introducing the history and nature of Örö.