Bavaria - the wonderful land of natural and cultural sites


Bavaria is situated in the south-eastern part of Germany. It is the biggest land which covers almost one fifth German's territory. Bavaria can boast a diversity of landscape: from Bavarian Alps to foothills with numerous lakes, or a mountainous area of Berchtesgaden National Park.
Bavaria region can offer many interesting cultural and natural sites which can be often discovered on special tourist routes. Tourists can choose between the Route of Emperors and Kings, the Crystal Road, the German Alpine Road, the Castle Road, the Romantic Road, the German Danube or the Sisi-road. The diversity and number of routes is a great evidence of the cultural abundance of Bavaria.
Bavaria also manifests its diversity in unique culture, rich history and still alive traditions. Picturesque villages, medieval towns and the capital city of Bavaria are really authentic.
Festivals of operas, 'Oktoberfest', excellent menu in exclusive restaurants, big snacks in beer gardens, traditions and modern lifestyles along with Bavarian joy of life create a specific and fascinating atmosphere which attracts a great number of tourists.
Bavaria can be admired throughout a year. We would like to briefly describe 5 magnificent sites which should be included to your tour around Bavaria.
The first wonder of architecture is so-called Bavarian Versailles located in Prien (85km south-east of Munich). The palace on the Herreninsel island was erected in 1878 and strikingly resembles French baroque architectural pearl. There can be found rich-ornamented rooms, fountains and a garden. The next attraction is Berchesgaden, which not only can boast wonderful landscapes and numerous possibilites of sport activities but also the Eagle Nest – the Adolf Hitler's residence. It was built at the height of 1834 m. The Palace of Liderhof is an another whims of the King Ludvig II. Besides splendid rooms, there are a artificial geyser and a grotto as well as a special room of mirrors. The winter capital of Germany is the fourth site we want to recommend you. In 1936, the Winter Olympic Games took place in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Tourists can admire an impressive ski jump erected in the half of the 20th century and take a panoramic ride in a cog railway to the highest peak of Germany – Zugspitze. Visiting Bavaria, it would be a shame not to see the marvellous and spectacular castle Neuschwastein. It is one of the most recognizable buildings of Germany and it became a model for Walt Disney's palace. The castle presents a surprising mixture of styles, interiors are richly decorated and its location is breathtaking.