Caves - natural wonders of Europe


Caves, grottos dotted with stalactites, stalagmites leading to underground water, with hidden chambers. You can explore them on foot, or on a boat, proudly avoiding obstacles or crawling under low ceiling. Dark corridors, vast and claustrophobic spaces, quiet and dim chambers, inhabited by bats and other various animal species. There is plentiful types of caves. We present some of them.

22 underground lakes filled with crystal clear water, magnificent water caves, Kalvarija chamber with impressive dripstones, Cross and Crystal Mountains, cave bear's remains can be explored in a naturally preserved cave located in Slovenia. Krizna Cave is open to tourists and offers many versions of the cave's exploration. Each visit includes a boat tour. The longest tour leads you over 20 lakes and lead to spectacular chambers.

Demianowska Jaskinia Lodowa. There is no so many dripstones, but definitely much more masses of ice covering 3 corridors' levels. Icefalls and other ice formations (such as the form of ground ice, stalactites, stalagmites or ice columns) makes the cave's landscape unique and rare. The cave is formed by the underground flow of the river. Tourists explore the cave along river corridors and can find bones of various animals, including cave bear.

Blue grotto is undoubtedly one of the best attractions of the Capri Island. It is a sea cave available from the water level. That's why it can be explored only on a small boat. Tourists can only visit one hall, but the cave is actually bigger. The solar beams light up the cave's interiors, thanks to which wonderfull colour of blue fills the whole cave.

The cave of Gruta de las Maravillas was discovered in 1886. Merely 100 years ago it was opened to visitors. Today, only 1 km of underground corridors can be visited. The cave has 3 levels and 12 chambers which are dotted with numerous stalactites, stalagmites and other rock formations. There are little lakes in some chambers, and a big underground lake. The most popular chambers are la Sala de las Conchas, el Salón de los Brillantes, el Gran Salón, la Sala de la Catedral, las Salas de los Garbanzos or los Desnudos. The interesting fact is that scenes of the movie "Journey to the center of the Earth" were recorded there.