Five interesting museums for children


Bologna's new ice-cream museum
Italy's and world's most popular ice cream museum was opened in Anzola near Bologna. Visitors can learn more about the history of ice cream which dates back to 1800 BC when Mesopotamia used snow to cool drinks. On a great permanent exhibition in Emilia-Romagna, considered the cradle of the best Italian cuisine, is presented the rich history and tradition of ice cream production. The biggest attraction is the various kinds of delicacies. The museum was set up in one of the buildings of a world-famous Italian ice cream factory. The first primitive methods of their production days and the most modern devices are presented there.

Nemo Science Center in Amsterdam, Netherlands
The Dutch science and technology museum is one of the most interactive venues and a beautiful architectural landmark, located on one of the many magical Amsterdam Isles. The four floors of NEMO Amsterdam is a stimulating scene. It houses loads of experiments and exhibitions. The first floor is dedicated to DNA and chain recations. On the second floor is a ball factory, a small cafeteria and a movie and performance hall as well as the water cycle - a display on electricity and a display on metals and buildings. The third floor offers a giant science lab and the the fourth floor focuses on the human mind. On the fifth floor or upper deck, visitors can find a cafeteria, a children's play area and a great view of the city surroundings.

Climate House in Bremerhaven, Germany
What is the meridian and the parallel? What is the climate in Cameroon or Antarctica? You can experience this in the climate zone simulators, which are the main attraction of the museum. For the youngest, it will also be a lesson of responsibility for the planet, a lot of talk about wise, ecological behavior.

Museum of World Culture in Gothenburg, Sweden
Several dozen museums in Sweden can be visited for free for a few weeks. This is the first good news. The other is that, despite serious names, institutions such as the World Cultural Museum are particularly interesting for the youngest visitors. Thanks to the exhibition "Together," children are be able to learn more about both the beautiful and the difficult aspects of life in different cultures and to better understand the contemporary world.

Teatro-Museu Dalí de Figueres, Costa Brava
If you think that art is the last thing that can fascinate your children, then you weren't yet in in one of the most surreal places in the Costa Brava. The Teatro-Museu Dalí de Figueres, designed by master Dale contains over 1500 works by the artist. You will probably hear the questions from your children: "Why are there eggs at the top of the museum?" Or "Why do hard-boiled breads sit on the wall?" Before leaving, it is better to do homework, because these questions are worth answering.