Funny facts about Helsinki


Finland is the country, where „Moomins are delighted with joy and life…” In fact, Helsinki is the birthplace of Tove Marika Jansson, the Swedish-speaking, Finnish writer, painter illustrator and comic-creator, best known around the world as the woman behind the “Moomin” books.

Apart from numerous interesting monuments (like Suomenlinna – a fortress settled on a few islands) Helsinki can be proud of more than 35 museums. These museums include: the mid-19 hundreds National Museum, which holds the biggest collections in Finland, the Ateneumin Taidemuseo – the largest Finnish art museum, but also the Museum of Radio, Museum of Sport, Museum of Hospitality.
Esplandi is the city’s main promenade, which connects the suburb with the centre. At the end of the avenue, you can find the largest European department store – Stockmann. It has 9 floors (including 2 underground floors) and inside you can buy practically everything, beginning with basics, like food and drinks and ending on luxurious products.

In the district of Alppila there is Linnanmaki – a funfair, where you can spend some wonderful time on such attractions, as merry-go-rounds, action games, restaurants and cafes. Perhaps the biggest attraction is the roller coaster, open for guests since 1951.

Helsinki is one of the most “green” cities of Europe and the home to Europe’s biggest sobering, possibly necessary, because Helsinki is famous for its vibrant nightlife. Among the numerous events you should definitely visit the Helsinki Festival, held each year in August and Valon Voimat – the winter art festival.

In the capital of the country of a thousand lakes fish are present in all menus. You can find the salmon, the rainbow trout, the siika, the perch and the tiny whitefish. An interesting thing to try in this country might be reindeer meat dishes!

While staying in Helsinki, don’t forget to use the Finnish sauna, which is the country’s national symbol after all!