In the footprints of Gaudi in Barcelona


Gaudi's works are inspired by natural forms and the Gothic art. He created a unique extraordinary organic style, which was gained by reshaping old architectural details. He created a real architectural masterpieces which enjoy a great popularity to this day. 

Barcelona can boast Gaudi's architectural pieces of art. His works make Barcelona's ambience fairytale and magical.


Gaudi's magnum opus is Sagrada Familia. This outstanding church has been building since 1882. It looks like a giant anthill. You will find there neither straight line no right angle. The whole structure is inspired by nature. Inside columns resembles trees. Their lower part are plain and the upper branch. Building of Sagrada Familia is still continuing. The completed version will have 18 towers symbolising 12 apostles, 4 Evangelists, Sant Mary and Jesus. This sight can impress everyone who will look at this incredible building.

One of the most original Gaudi's works is Casa Mila – a building located in the centre of Barcelona. Casa Mila is called 'a quarry'. It features unique shape which resembles waving sea. It is an another project without any straight lines and right angles. The building is ornamented with plant motifs. Casa Mila is a museum dedicated to Gaudi's life and works.

A haus of Casa Batlló was rebuilt by Gaudi. This structure is fairytale thanks to an interesting mixture of colours, bizzare shapes and patterns.

Casa Vicens was erected for a rich owner of a brick factory. It is an another astonishing building with asymmetrical shapes, various colours and floral details. Casa Vicens is adorned with ceramic tiles that make up the characteristic chess boards on the wall.

Colegio de las Teresianas is a school and a hause for nuns. The kind of building and limited funds didn't allow Gaudi on splendor. However, he gave the building unique style thanks to Gothic details.

This extraordinary town of Palau Güell was created at the request of Eusebius Güell, Gaudí's wealthy friend. The architect received one order from the principal: "do not save". Thus a wonderful palace, church and several other buildings, called Park Güell, were built. All buildings are colorful, decorated with mosaics and various sculptures. This place was the representative seat of the noble family and was abandoned in 1945.

An another joint of Gaudi and his longtime friend is Colonia Güell - an unfinished project of a housing estate. The project included a factory area, a residential area and a church. Unfortunately, Güell died before the construction was completed, thereby the Colonia was abandoned. Today, there is only the crypt which vault resembles a real grotto.