Nature of Austria


A relatively small country, chiefly covered by young Alps mountains as well the Pannonian plain and lower mountain range of the Bohemian Forest. Austria is a land of wonders, not only cultural and historical gems but also natural pearls.There are many places which are worth visiting and worth seeing. Let's go!

Imagine yourself going by boat among unspoilt nature of mysterious wetland areas or exploring the hidden corners of vast and dark forests on foot, by bicycle or on horseback. The incredible place of Donau – Auen National Park is located close to Vienna. So it is a perfect destination for those people who look for a rest in Nature's bossom. The park is also a habitat for numerous various fauna and flora species, which visitors can observe during their visit in the park.

Limestone Alps National Park protects the giant wooded area, impressive karst rock formations and countless caves. This is a perfect choice for hiking enthusiasts and cavers. Guided tours of the extensive cave systems are an absolute highlight. The park has also numerous hiking, mountain biking, and horseback riding trails.

The largest national park of Alps mountains and the oldest national park in Austria invites you to explore unique nature and its wonderlands. The Hohe Tauern National Park can boast tall mountain massifs, thundering waterfalls, old forests, wildflower-covered meadows, shimmering glaciers, impossibly turquoise lakes. You can explore the park in different ways from hiking to wildlife watching to snowshoeing.

Hallstatt is located in Upper Austria in the heart of Salzkammergut - the legendary salt country. The nature of this beautiful corner of Europe is considered be a real treasure. There are breathtaking mountain lakes, huge caves and rare flora and fauna. Since ancient times these areas have been inhabited by people due to the salt deposits. Today, every visitor has the opportunity to visit the salt mine.