The Eastern Slovakia

Natural and cultural diversity is an integral part of beauty of this region. If you decide to visit this place, you will be amazed by the fact that you will not recognize what you could have experienced as Slovakia. The Eastern Slovakia is less industralized and urbanized than the rest of Slovakia. Rural areas dominate and multi-cultural communities can be found here. The big population of Rusyns and the Romani people inhabit this area. You will discover outstanding  harmony of beautiful unspoilt nature and architecture: full of historical monuments, picturesque towns and old traditional villages. Levoca is one of the architectural pearls of the Eastern Slovakia. It is the 13th - century town which is considered to be one of the best-preserved medieval towns in Europe. Levoca is also a birthplace of very talented sculptor living in the Middle Ages – Paul from Levoca. The artist made many beautiful wooden altars. The another important town is Bardejov which is one of the most beautiful medieval towns in Slovakia with admirable architecture, stone walls with bastions, churches, narrow cobbled streets, and stunning historical monuments. The surroundings of Bardejov are dotted with unique wonderful wooden churches. The second-largest town of Slovakia is Kosice. Kosice is a rapidly developing city with numerous fantastic sites such as the impressive Gothic Cathedral of St. Elizabeth, St. Michael Chapel. Not only does the Eastern Slovakia offer interesting towns, but also marvellous landscapes. The Slovak Paradise is a wonderful place for those people who look for relaxing among unspoilt nature. The national park is full of tourist trails which run above rivers, along gorges and waterfalls and through forests. Slovak Karst offers outstanding landscape with numerous caves.